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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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elevators and escalators within our rules and responsibilities there are a couple within is a couple of exemptions an elevator for example that is maintained by dpw 30u8 but for general purposes in the first category the impacts of riders the 4 stations with shared responsibility and then did outer stations we control and the reference to the 18 facilities or the elevators that exist in places like woods or film or our operating facilities that are used primarily for the employees so within those there's to point out considerable confusion among a lot of people who is responsible for what when, in fact, there's a violent responsibility in many of the key stations we've been
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moving forward? a shot of the elevators and square roots escalators we do the elevators and escalators a little bit different than most of the other maintenance they're primarily overseeing we play a contract manager role 5 companies that bear the responsibility for maintaining our escalators we have made changes the last couple of years we highlight in the mid their scope of work to do preventive maintenance and respond to call backs and bids this part is a particular different than most of the other work and frankly many other places bart for example has a hundred or so technicians that maintain their elevators and escalators i suggested several years the maintenance practice for us has sustained relatively
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high amount of reliability but i'll show in a minute we need to think about changing our program as we move forward this is the overall system performance and this is what we're responsible for 28 escalators and 12 elevators our goal of 98 percent consistently been into the low 90s sometimes at the goal and sometimes lower but there's is in the last year overall system wide the numbers have began to dip in both elevators and escalators awhile there's a relatively small number that makes it move a little bit we've had problems for example, i want to highest haven in a moment that's been problematic and in a key location because when you have van ness
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and van ness elevators are out the business is not good you block the hill to church or very, very difficult or you go to civic and frequently as we check on the 311 complaints it is frequently the major complaint we see the thread that wants through p them i don't know the elevators was out at here and there van ness is a problem one of the areas implications will have an opportunity to improve our collective messaging to the riders m many we share the point is simply over the years we've been pretty good but the trend is alters alarming at the current time we need to do
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things differently to reflect that why do we think the trend is moving in the wrong direction the mileage that the good it reflects a lot of the operation two hours a day 7 days a week third bullet is the one to highlight what you see with something as heavily traefd and well utilized a series of we'll like to see interruption minor interruptions but on the staff a motor or a handrail that could be corrected what we've seen over the last several months begun to experience for back office problems like deer offices and motors that drive the operations of the escalator
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that are much longer in terms of what we're seeing i think the collective toll we have that many of which i'll not go into the sources of co-sponsor rotation and vandalism and abuse but what is as you recall in december we had heavy rain and it had an impact on the van ness and rent control problems and impacted the elevators and escalators another van ness in particular greatly but again van ness stands out as one of the areas we need to move more decidely on the whole system is crying for attention we need to continue to look at that here's the focus a little bit on van ness and as you can see here those numbers are much more
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troubling than the rest of the system and at van ness station some of it has been the rain and water damage that's occurred in the station it is heavily utilized a station that has a lot of activity on a couple of sides on the street some people spent a lot of time on the escalators and elevators and we've continued to watch that but both of those we've had in the elevators essentially - here's on van ness i think it is flooding has had a problem with the elevators the elevators what's going on with the elevators essentially doors mechanisms are old most the problems are the doors similar
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to all of those, if you will to the percentage of the downtime that the doors represent on the escalators and it is worth mentioning we have put in 5 new escalators a couple on van ness with the escalators we've seen an increase of the downtime 0 on the escalators one of the reasons is the hand safety devices that make them more sensitive and things that shut off the stairs for if the sensors in the escalators feel there is something in there as at ripen increases we've taken more people to the airport for example, having heavier bags and choeld contains sometimes closed
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the escalators we go back and the agents in the station spend a great deal of time tends beginning and end of the shift and in haven in particular higher elevator and escalators failures and again from a consumers stand out that becomes did the and the fact that the church has had problems we'll talk about that in a second so what our views terms this afternoon says we need to step up our efforts for maintenance and i think that is important we begin to address this for decidely now slol the age of the equipment has passed the life and not similar to other things
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to over haul the system there is a need on the sensitive of the new safety devices they need to be brought up to the current technology and the same issue i know you've heard this before that we have trouble getting parts for some of the obsolete in this case, the escalators and slates that are no longer made we continue to fight the vandalism on the access to the stations so we think that the alternative here is to stay the course and it is not our recommendation we do that because simply we'll see a need to continue the sliepz of the reinstated this is the shot of the elevators at haven at the
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which is now, one of the ones we're talk about in terms of where it is in the process so the approach we're talking to address this first of all, we are advancing and have advanced the capital improvement program there are 5 new escalators including two at van ness and some i showed at plaza an escalators modificationtion program that is going forward just to give you the magnitude the escalators the 5 approximately $500,000 on that microscopes you have 2 and a half million dollars that are invested in the first 5 escalators between now and 2018 at the end of 2018 there is an additional 7 by 7 escalators off the system that will be replaced and renewed with modern
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equipment van ness what it is important to highlighted this for a moment on the one hand not we're not getting it right as with many other things we've talked about the misrepresent is changing right now the demand for escalators and slates and the workload with the construction in the city so in trying to get a replacement elevators added van ness we've had first a high bid and then low bids and the second time around a high bids the estimate this time there is additional development that is taking place at the intersection that will involve perhaps a room so this is being put into the paycheck to paycheck package but clearing we're watching closely
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it is important that the modernization move forward as van ness again, just as part of what a station agent does he building that of all the job categories in our action and all the workforce they're one of the ones we in management should do a better job of appreciate what they do in many cases caption of the stations and respond to key on elevators and escalators and how they open and close and deal with a number of other issues so what are we recommend what should we do more of and now to improve and drive the numbers forward we need to continue to
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monitor and improve our overall contracted maintenance in the last contracted we put in that 24 coverage and penalty for detailed response and at this point those 0 proved to be effective measures one of the issues that came up it is a function of what is the breakdown the escalators and elevators we have out of service two or three that have been out of service for a couple of months because of the nature of the failings so not only a step handrail but structure within the unit the elevators we have to get that one in place not something we can work with components on
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3 other circulates elevators that make a difference in proving the maintenance open church and castro and forest hills those are still in pretty good shape and will benefit from a focus of replacement of could he door lemons of the doors so what we're doing it take into account a scope of work that will be addressed the parts of doors that failed we've put together a program we're going to bring forward means the work can be done under the existing agreement we have and so we hope that will allow us to fast track both to get funded and fast track key door improvements that will improve our performances overall so between the improved maintenance
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and looking at or focusing and targeting some of the trouble stations and locations and components and then the capital investment i think those are the things we need to do to improve the physical continue at the same time when the escalators go down i think the other area we've got opportunities to improve comes to passenger communication that's where we are challenged by the nature of the relationship which the rules and responsibilities which we are heavily did not on phone trees and station agent to station agent contact and getting things on signs we do have in place processes we follow with the station agents to talk to the control center and talk to 311 to get the signs
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we have direct campgrounds with bart and one of the things that we are working with bart on to get better probation if they have a elevators or escalator how long that will be we're not getting consistent and providing our public based on what we know that will be up and running and i think there is we're working at systems as part of the upgrades of the electronic systems for the information on the performance of the elevators and escalators but if our or in our exist arrangement of we move forward and do the things in terms of improving the reliability of the system i think we have to look closely at the communications with the public and can improve i wanted to just highlight from
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our standpoint what the current situation and glad to answer any questions you may have. >> director rubke you have. >> it's a good topic. >> thank you very much for this i i know it effects me directly i'm not trying to be selfish it effects our consumers but the people are impairments and people carrying lunge i understand this is a challenging area for the infrastructure and the things you've laid out and bart has challenges i guess several questions and comments think outside the box i need to verify our goal of 98 percent do we calculate that on a per unit i mean per elevators and escalators basis or calculate on if an elevator is out we take
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into consideration it's like i don't know how we track that data as far as our service to the public as far as i mean, if one elevators is out are we denied on this is my question in some cases is it not impossible to use an elevator but it is important to look at the data itself. >> want me to go. >> go for it. >> in terms of the answer to our question the numbers of questions was blended it is system wide numbers so that's one the reasons we saw this front into the 50s that the stations like church primarily church and van ness the escalators or elevators were out for a period of time this brought the performance down we
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can track what we're suggesting you know we know each and every time why an elevator or escalators down approximately, how long that will take one the good things i've mentioned with the newer escalators the frequently of service interruption maybe greater the length which we're not reporting on but the length is much less this can be corrected with the recycling of the machines just to pull something out you know we've had escalators shut down for everything as sensitive as a ballot issue without no one in it if it fell into the right place and the teeth of the comic is shut downs correctly those are
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the enhancements we want to minimize the chance of someone getting hurt. >> i think do we have in terms of the improvements that you late out as the upgrades to the van ness station elevator and getting everything upgraded do we need that or i don't remember the statistics open the last bunt cycle i'm wording correct in the plans or something we'll change as a result of the challenges you've been facing. >> in terms of what i shouted in break it out phase one of the escalator modernization is for the most part funded we're in the process of making the funding for phase two so the
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capital replacement is moving forward our operating budget as far as our maintenance costs is funded through the next budget cycle and we'll take into account that this is something we have funded consistently and pays the 5 contractors that we have to take care of it $2.2 million we're suggesting i'm suggesting is something i'll have to put into the system and that would be again for a bridge a component rebuild something in the short-term that can happen quickly 90 to hundred and 20 days that can drive up the reliability some of our biggest problems so that finland 80 to the best of your knowledge is not available but i feel confident it is a key part of
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the infrastructure as a tremendous impact on customer service and awning we'll certainly make a strong case in our capital program to get that money. >> okay one more question i promise i'll hand it over. >> is our communication first, you guys are improved it since i've paid attention to it and in terms of having the elevators at the meeting with the signed it is a little bit hard for some of our riders i know for me i've expensed the nature of what you're talking about is the 12 tree to communicate it out it is hard from a ridership prospective to haven is it available you know trying to catch the next muni sign to see if there is information anything
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we can do to make it valuable on the website the way that bart handles it a human error but calling 36 will work any other tips will be great. >> i think all of those things i think if i could describe it is our challenge it is inconsistentlycy in a word we do report it on to muni not always and everyone we need to build some redundancy into our communications we have dedicated agents that call 311 they call the people in maintenance the way group that manage the contractors sure that someone responders the joint communications to bart
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getting it out on twitter we've tried to do that and get realtime information that way get it up on signage i think we could do a better job like we've talked about that with making announcements bart again, it is something that - the announcements they consistent is he announce with escalators and elevators are out system wide you can be at any spot in the system we've got such and such an elevator is out even with the technology we have to make announcements this is an area if the board pleaseds i'd like to come back and say this is 6
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specific suggestions to improve the communications. >> i mean that would be great. >> maybe it is 5 it is - >> you do think there are things we can do. >> you didn't bring any escalators or elevator parts. >> what. >> no escalators or elevators parts to show us. >> at the advise of the regulatory agencies i had a bag of parts and i had (laughter). >> a box of needles we took out of the escalators i choose not to do that come in for a number of reasons mostly with the puck health. >> thanks i appreciate that. >> thank you for this very important information. >> i'll say that the van ness station that slates in the do
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not shop since this entire lot is going to be redondo i assume i've seen a clarification so for our benefit and the public's benefit our new san francisco planning commission on the t third are designed to rest some of the issues like the rainwater into the escalators i assume those types of problems will be minimized. >> yes. with the central subway their stations will, of course and i never had a policy in government bart presented their canopy plan that was shocking to after all us how expensive those over hallways are to cover the escalators so that is probably not in our budget at the moment it brings up an interesting point in counting the metrics if there
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are two or three escalators people will get open the escalators and have options but when an elevator is do you think that's it that entire station is out of services it puts us in an interesting xogs position where do you in fact the resources as a bicyclists you take our bikes up the elevators is it so challenging and not so fun to into the escalators. >> to your points to address the problems one of the fundamental problems with the elevators is the size they're two small so while it means is people are not intentionally even hitting up against the door and mechanisms of the door to crowd in there and, of course again
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those are wow. 50-year-old in some cases one station is in the 70s they don't meat cutter design. >> thank you and to director rubkes point as we've found with the next bus information let our riders know that takes stress out of the experience the same thing with the escalators and elevators if we know which ones with working and not working you throughout the elevators that was working is not. >> one thing the proposals i've chosen not bring one of the current forms of communication is in the station agents are very unusual diligent they handwrite and pit it in the
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window so that's again, our attempt at confining but again, it is not consistent and not as effective as other means. >> thank you director nolan. >> after 40 things start to fall apart i appreciated the diligence to doing every thing we can i can't imagine how challenging i know how for those facilities are to you to everyone not just people in wheelchairs but everyone when those things go down it wrecks havoc on some little busier stations i'm wondering speaking to our particular comments this morning
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about making sure that people know who is operating and who is in favor of what is there a way for riders to identify who is responsible for which escalators and if not there a way for us to do so i'd like for people to know that is bart's problem not ours and when it is theirs and make sure that people have an understanding who is operating what. >> well, i guess what i hope i hope in my remarks i did not give the expression e impression i was hoping we'll let ourselves on the hook by bringing bart we'll very much try to work together we share the same facilities and passengers in terms of